Launched in 1966, Medicare was heralded as a wonderful new public healthcare plan for Seniors aged 65 and over. It truly was and continues to be so to this day!

Originally Medicare was divided into 2 “Parts”, Part A and Part B.

Part A is free for the vast majority of “beneficiaries”, as we are called.

Part A helps to cover the cost of:

• Inpatient Care in Hospitals
• Skilled Nursing Facilities (after 3 days as an inpatient)
• Some Hospice Care expenses
• Some home health care expenses

Part B helps to cover the cost of:

• Doctors’ and other health professionals’ services – in the hospital or in an outpatient setting
• Outpatient Services: office visits, lab work, tests, imaging, PT, outpatient procedures, etc.
• Some home health care
• Durable medical equipment
• Many preventive services

Medicare Parts A and B are collectively referred to, as “Original Medicare.” Original Medicare has sizable deductibles, copays and coinsurance. These can amount to a significant sum of money! And so, even though Medicare is a VERY GOOD start for your healthcare expenses, the government expected that Seniors would need and want to augment their Medicare with some additional insurance. Within a few years after the start of Medicare the government defined and codified into law the first such “supplemental” plans, known as Medicare Supplement Plans. More recently, the government has added an alternative to Medicare Supplements, known as Medicare Advantage Plans. These two alternatives are very different and each is described elsewhere on this site.
It’s vital that you determine which type of plan best fits your needs, preferences, and budget! You really need to talk with a knowledgeable expert!
We would consider it a privilege to help you sort through your Medicare options! There is NO COST and NO PRESSURE for the assistance we provide!