Our Mission

Are you confused or intimidated by the prospect of entering the world of Medicare?

  •  What’s the deal with all those Parts…A, B, C, and D ?!
  • And what about those “extra” plans – Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans ?! What the heck is the difference between them, anyway ?!
  • Are you unsettled by all the clamor on TV, in your mail box, and on your phone ?!
    Do you get the feeling you’re being finessed by a slick fast-talkin’ snake oil salesman ?!
  • Don’t you wish you could just sit down with a local agent you can trust and be comfortable with, someone who’ll give you the straight scoop and NOT try to jam something down your throat – and who’ll be there when questions or issues arise ?!
  • And finally, wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you are in the right Medicare plan for you ?!
    With confidence like that, all that unceasing clamor will go in one ear and out the other !!

If any of that describes you, then I’m your guy ! As a former Professor of Mathematics, I have much experience dealing with complex and confusing issues and explaining them to others. So if I can help you in any way, even if only to answer a few question, it would be my pleasure !

So This is Our Mission:

To demystify and clarify all issues surrounding Medicare such that you can come to a confident decision as to what is   your best path

through the Medicare maze   …   and then to help you choose which is the best plan to start you down that path.

We’d consider it a privilege to serve you!

Knowledgeable • Trustworthy • Caring

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Remember, I am an independent Insurance Broker. I have no sales quotas to meet nor any outside pressure to sell any particular company’s policies!