We have access to several excellent Dental plans that vary with respect to Premiums, Services covered, Waiting Periods, Deductibles and Copays. We have without a doubt the best selection of plans anywhere! One of most comprehensive plans has no waiting periods for any Tier of services and has no pre-existing exclusions! It’s an amazing plan, and at very competitive rates. Many of our Dental plans can be paired with our Vision Plans through the VSP or EYEMED Vision Networks at very reasonable rates.

    Some of our Dental Plans have a modest Hearing benefit also, but one of our plans is quite unique in that it has robust coverage for all three, D, V, and H. If Hearing coverage is important to you, this is the plan I would recommend.

    Contact me if you wish to explore your Dental, Vision, or Hearing options


  • Hospital Indemnity Plans These types of plans can pair very nicely with many Medicare Advantage plans to help cover the large Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility copays. These plans do require you to answer Medical Questions, but if you are in reasonably good health, they have surprisingly low premiums. Remember, the time to buy fire insurance is BEFORE the fire starts.
  • Under 65 Health Insurance If you’re 65 or over and going on Medicare and if your spouse is under 65 and needs individual Health Insurance, we do have ACA (ObamaCare) compliant plans – the “expensive ones.” Also, if your spouse is in pretty good health, we have a non-ACA compliant plan (it excludes pre-existing conditions for 12 months) that is comprehensive, has quite generous benefits and is typically very much less expensive than the ACA plans.
  • CHAS Plans (Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke) If there is a family history of one of these and you do not have a MedSupp plan and you have no symptoms yet – some aspect of this variety of plans may be a very wise investment.
  • We have quite a variety of other ancillary plans that may be of particular interest to you, including Final Expense Plans

    If you have an interest in anything on this page you can Request a Consultation or simply raise the issue when we meet re Medicare.